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Nigerian woman declares that “magun” doesn’t exist

Nigerian woman declares that “magun” doesn’t exist
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 A Nigerian Twitter user, @Nnadee_1 has declared that “magun” is a hoax. Magun is a popular charm in Yoruba land and is reputed to be used to curb infidelity.

The lady debunked the potency of the charm which reportedly leaves sexual partners stuck to each other. According to her, “occurs during sexual intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to be withdrawn from the vagina.”

The popularity of Magun transcends Yoruba culture and belief. Lots of other people have adopted this system of infidelity check. A popular movie with the same title was made some years ago by filmmaker Tunde Kelani.

The process of “doing” magus is quite simple. A broomstick or thread is placed at a door step or walk way for the target , usually women, to walk across. If the said woman has sex with anyone other than her husband , she and the man will be stuck together and no matter how he tries he won’t be able to pull out. This has led to death and most times public humiliation of the couple stuck together.   

Read her post below:

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