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Christiano Ronaldo’s hairdresser murdered in Swiss hotel room

Christiano Ronaldo’s hairdresser murdered in Swiss hotel room
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Celebrity hairdresser, Ricardo Marques Ferreira, has been stabbed to death in his Swiss hotel room.

Ricardo was widely celebrated in Portuguese tabloids as ” Christiano Ronaldo’d hairdresser”. 

His body was reportedly discovered by a cleaner at about 2pm on Friday, 1st of November. He was covered in multiple stab wounds.

Ricardo was nicknamed Caju and has been living in Zurich for the past two years. He had also been staying in the hotel were he was killed for about a week, the Mail Online reported.

A 39 year old suspect who is believed to be Brazilian had reportedly been arrested by the police.

According to the authorities, the scene looked horrific and there was an intense smell of alcohol.

Ricardo shot to fame in September 2015 after he shared a photo of him putting final touches to Christiano Rolando’s hair for a photoshoot. The photo went viral on Social Media. Portuguese media  also reported that he worked with lots of actresses and models.

He was from the island of Madeira. 


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