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Man caught with “Audio crippled hand” (video)

Man caught with “Audio crippled hand” (video)
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It was the end of the road for a deceitful beggar who carries out his operation in Abakaliki.  This guy is a professional trickster. According to the people around he has been doing this for about five years. 

When questioned about his accomplices, he claimed he operates alone. However, he is not the only one doing this in Abakaliki. It’s his source of livelihood.

He wraps his hand in bandage and applied some “makeup” on his hand to look like he has a sour. 

The funny things about this whole incident is the people around, they seemed nonchalant. They know the man and what he does. Kind of like how we treat injustice in our society, we are so used to it that we look the other way and continue with our lives.

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Man nabbed with his Audio broken hand.

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