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Suck my D**k: Davido tells his haters

Suck my D**k: Davido tells his haters
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Davido had a few words for people who will not let him drink water and keep cup.

As he toweled down his body, while sitting in a beautiful bedroom, probably has a large smart tv in the corner, he said these words:

I want to thank all my brothers and sister

My fans

People that supported me, supporting the single

Chris, of course, Chris……

I’m already used to it

I’ve been in this industry for seven years

And nobody supports me, It’s just hate

From morning till night , it’s just hate

Because of what?

My papa got money…. Na my fault?

I work hard, I deliver hits, I take care of my people

So , if you got a problem with me……

Suck my d**k

F**k you

We rise by lifting others (smiles)

This boy can do no wrong. He still ends his message with a smile.

Davido words come from a place of hurt and sadness, he may put up a brave face but deep down he is hurt. 

Male una leave dis boy alone.

In the words of Rodney King: Can’t we all just get alone?

I dey Gate.

Watch video below:

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