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COZA: Biodun Fatoyinbo Vs Nkechi Bianze: Fact or Fiction?

COZA: Biodun Fatoyinbo Vs Nkechi Bianze: Fact or Fiction?
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Biodun Fatoyinbo’s agents threatened me to either take their offer to defend their master or stay silent on the issue. That, in a nut shell is what set Nigerian Social Media abuzz on Sunday.

What the F**k is going on?

The events of Sunday evening played out like a scene from a spy thriller movie, lots of Hollywood movies come to mind. An unsuspecting female gets a strange but threatening voice message, she saves it but it mysteriously disappears/ gets deleted from her phone. She then tries to log into her Face Book account but discovers she’s been logged out, not only that, her email linked to the account has been attacked too. She finally gets back her Face Book account after lots of password changes and a two-way security set ups. (Note to self: Make sure your two-way security game is tight.) No jokes, this really happened….according to Nkechi Bianze.

Let’s get down to It

Nkechi Bianze is not new to controversy, she is a living, breathing work of controversy. She embraces it with her lovely full figure body. Nkechi prides herself as a no nonsense Feminist who says things the way they are. She is non-religious and proud of it too. Her writing is eclectic, touching on a broad range of topics from relationships to politics to the people she’s crushing on. She takes no prisoners when responding to people who come at her with contrary views on her posts. You don’t want to be at the receiving end of her viciousness when triggered. This has attracted fan and foes that cuts across gender and class of people.  

So, why would the folks at COZA approach a known non-religious feminist to push the narrative on the innocence of their embattled Pastor. Makes no sense, right? Maybe/ Maybe not.

It’s the perfect storm. Get a controversial, feminist, non-religious Face Book celebrity to write, in her no-nonsense style, on the innocence of the embattled Pastor. She would come across as a neutral “voice of reason” in the midst of the noise threatening to drown them. It would be shocking but, help create a crack in the story and a room for doubt, after all it’s coming from a feminist. Crazy shit. Desperate, maybe but not impossible. The part people don’t get is the threat. Why threaten her if she refuses your offer, are her words the law by which we live by? Well, it is alleged that the use of threats is part of the Pastor’s MO, so, go figure.

Since the story broke a few weeks ago on the alleged rape of, a then teenage, Bukola Dakolo by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo there have claims and counterclaims of the COZA crew offering money to Social Media influencers and bloggers to either kill the story or change the narrative. (Second note to self: Hustle o).  Some are talking, others aren’t Another thing to go figure. The war of words between #Team Fatoyinbo and #Team Busola has been hot but Nkechi stayed silence all through, these are the kind of things she jumps on, she claimed her silence was because of the attack on her FB account.

Unfortunately, as juicy as her story is, we may never know for certain if it really happened since all evident of the alleged cyber-attack have been wiped out. How I wish she had screen shots of the logged-out Face Book account notification.

We still dey here, sha.  The matter still dey ground, we go follow reach finish line.

I dey Gate.

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