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Multidimensional Ass: BBNaija housemate, Mercy, shows no mercy

Multidimensional Ass: BBNaija housemate, Mercy, shows no mercy
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Mercy has ASSets and knows how to use them. She stormed the BBNaija Saturday night party ready to take no prisoners. Her outfit lined her body and payed homage to her Ass, carefully outlining its fullness and roundness while artistically dividing each cheek. Whomever made this outfit will surely make Heaven.

Blood on the dancefloor

It’s safe to say Mercy owned the party last night. She swung and moved those hips and twerked to the power beats dropped by DJ Lambo, I swear Lambo issa DJ God.

She stepped into the stage and went to work immediately, taking centre stage bumping and grinding. Tuoyo was on ground to assist her in this visual harassment. The guy was in full stripper mode. He grabbed the waist and worked his magic, Channing Tatum needs cast him in the next Magic Mike movie.

We all know it’s about to go down when Tuoyo takes his shirt off, right? Dude did not disappoint. Tuoyo takes his shirt off, lifts Mercy and they both went full stimulation mode. This move left Twitter Nigeria wondering how Tuoyo could manage to lift a full-grown woman, support her with his arms and legs and still manage to dance the fire dance of sexual stimulation but he could support three tiny balls with arms and between his legs during the Arena games on Friday. He finished a 4-minute contest in 4: 24 seconds.

Back to the party.

Did I mention there was a lap dance? Yup, after the lifting up and grinding they move to a chair. A seated Mercy with legs in the air had Tuoyo grinding up on her, then they reversed and she got on top of him, walahi, it was a sight to behold. These two must not leave the house o.

All this while Ike, Mercy’s inhouse boyfriend, was busy watching, with his signature hanging lower lip, and nursing a drink. He would smile sometimes and lock up at other times. Oga, dance with your babe na, him no gree. When Mercy and Tuoyo took a break from dancing, Ike went to have a word with him. Na only God know wetin him tellam.

Mercy’s Ass is the 18th house mate. Period

Mercy made me forget I was burning petrol and needed to turn off the generator by 10pm. I no mind sha, I slept well last night, I think I even saw the ass in my dream. Jesu!!

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