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Wizkid is Violently Abusive: Jada P, manager and baby mama bares her soul on Instagram

Wizkid is Violently Abusive: Jada P, manager and baby mama bares her soul on Instagram
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We all woke up to an Instagram post by Wizkid’s Baby mama and manager Jada P. She lamented that she’s been in an abusive with Wizzybaby for years and she was tired of covering up for him.

What a rude shock.

I mean, this chic had more or less called him an Angel when his other baby mama’s, Shola Ogudugu and Binta Diallo, called him out for being a “deadbeat” dad. Binta even claimed Wizzy owed about $18,000 in child support.

Before we could even “drink water and keep cup” Binta had jumped on the gist to rub it in. “Karma is a bitch ain’t it”? She commented.

Children of wobe were also on ground to give their two kobo.

Former Nollywood Star Victoria Inyama weighed in on the issue , she said;

But when d other ladies were crying out,

U were basking & shading them. Now u get it.

This is sad still. He’s such a talent. Why do they become

victims of their talents through their behavior? Why?

But ladies when a man treats a woman bad, he will treat

the next the same, unless he makes a conscious decision to stop

When enjoying that guy who has messed up d mother of his child

remember as d parable says “ D broom is waiting for d next”.

Never flaunt that guy that has mistreated d other woman

Cause life na turn by turn.

As expected the news drew mixed opinions from his fans as some stood by Wizkid, others believed Jada while some wondered why she put him in a bad and zip it up ,lol. Other guy used the opportunity to start the Davido Vs Wizkid comparison.

_callmekingmikey  wrote : You for match that GOBLIN enter ground

deolagold wrote :Wizkid is a class act, but it’s disgraceful when his fans support some of his unruly behaviors. They should learn to separate Wizkid from Ayo Balogun

officiallyalo wrote: Which hand is wizkid using to hit please? That small hand? If you have met wizkid b4 you’ll understand where I am coming from. Wizzy is so smallish 

lord_ellah wrote: I’ve never seen Davido and his baby mamas quarrel

jerrywood.jj wrote: Wizkid that you’ll tell to kneel down under the sun and raise up his hands is the one beating you?

ms_fisayo had this to say: Wow , the same person who came out to discredit Shola and hailed wizzy. Many women are guilty of these thing,supporting a man who you know very well is terrible over a fellow woman just cos of wat you’re enjoying at the moment. Atleast She’s realized her mistakes and ready to get out of it, if not my words for her would have been vile. As much as I’m team wizzy,when are we gonna admit he’s probably a Toxic person? Every woman in his life can’t keep sayin the same thing ,he needs to check himself

orangemakeovers wrote: Shola will be laughing so hard right now😂😂😂 sorry jada

latashalagos wrote: Kai to be a fly perched on the screen guard of baby mama 1’s phone. That their WhatsApp group finna be poppin right about now. I need a chilled bottle of Krest to digest this one sha …

eloho_04 wrote: Dt one no fit carry hand touch me na,I go beat am better beat😂 I go fold am as him small then plank am 🤣🤣🤣

In all we sincerely hope Wizkid gets his act together, these accusations are getting too much and may start to affect his brand.

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