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Ellen DeGeneres kicks wife, Portia De Rossi, out of their home amid divorce rumors

Ellen DeGeneres kicks wife, Portia De Rossi, out of their home amid divorce rumors
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The rumors of divorce hovering over the Ellen and Portia’s married, like an evil spirit, doesn’t seem to be leaving soon. The latest gist is that the talk show host has asked her wife to leave their home.


According to an amebo, DeGeneres and de Rossi are leading separate lives, have been fighting a lot and “barely on speaking terms,”.

Another snitch said Ellen is getting quite jealous over Portia’s decision to focus on her career as an actress, which is leaving them little time to be with each other. As de Rossi juggles a tight schedule, DeGeneres is “incredibly demanding” to spend time with her wife more.


Ellen is said to be getting on de Rossi’s nerves. She would call when de Rossi is busy working, making Portia to put her phone on silent, just so she won’t be bothered by her partner.


The problem, however, doesn’t end there, as Ellen would allegedly ask a lot of questions when Portia comes home because she is “determined to keep track of her wife’s every move,” especially when she comes home late.

The relentless amebo even claimed that Ellen has asked Portia to leave the house on more than one occasion, mostly during the times when they would fight about the actress’ lack of time to be there for the stand-up comedian.

Although DeGeneres feels that she’s being unreasonable, she still continues to do all these things because she’s not used to not having Portia by her side most of the time. The snitch said she’s actually having a hard time adapting to the changes, but she’s willing to support Portia’s career in the long run.


Both DeGeneres and de Rossi have yet to respond to the latest report about their alleged marriage crisis. But it’s worth noting that the report comes more than a week after they listed their oceanfront estate home in Carpinteria, California for $24 million.

The 6,862-square-foot property boasts of 3-4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and a detached guesthouse. The couple bought the property for $18.6 million less than two years ago. It was originally owned by prominent L.A. developer Robert F. Maguire III.

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